We have been providing AngularJS development services globally since last 7 years. We are top-rated AngularJS development company in India with a track record of building mobile and web apps that are secure, robust, easy to maintain and extensible to include additional features. We have reached a milestone of developed custom CRM application for our clients.

AngularJS best suits front-end development and single page applications. AngularJS can be used to create applications akin to Gmail, Google Analytics, Real Time Applications, and more. AngularJS is developer friendly, quick, and robust. This is why we choose AngularJS, and may be this is the reason why over five hundred thousand websites and web applications employed it

We have a team of professional software developers, web developers and programmers with expertise in such advanced open-source platforms bringing the best solutions for well established companies and start-ups using an advanced process for designing, building and launching web applications.

ANGULARJS Programming Skills
  • Dynamic Web application Development
  • Customization & maintenance made possible
  • Video and Audio Portal Development
  • Development of Parallax Design
  • Internet rich application development
  • User Interactive module development
  • Extendable HTML defines Structure & functionality
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Custom widgets can be built with the help of directives
  • Create web template by simply expanding HTML vocabulary
We love building tools that help drive success for an organization
  • Websites
  • Web applications
  • Mobile apps
  • Web software
  • Real-time applications
  • RESTful apps
  • UX for software
  • Software UI
  • API integrations
  • Data-rich applications

STAR Systems, a jQuery development company, uses the best practices and methodologies to deliver jQuery development services that fit your budget well. Designed to simplify the client side scripting of HTML, JQuery is a multi browser or cross browser JavaScript library. JQuery is used by a huge number of websites globally and is presently one of the most popular JavaScript Libraries in use these days. Licensed under MIT license, JQuery is a free and open source software.

JQuery is an amazing JavaScript library that makes interaction between JavaScript and HTML extremely easy, by stripping out the entire unnecessary code. JQuery saves cost and time on writing JavaScript code through taking care of common repetitive tasks. It provides a platform for AJAX development along with methods for animation.
JQuery makes development more consistent and hassle-free by adding other high level functionalities to the main JavaScript framework. JQuery is a fast and concise full with JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling with Ajax interactions for rapid Web application development.

Advantages of using jQuery

  • Enhanced developer productivity: With a well designed Javascript code, jQuery enables developers write reusable, simple and effective codes. This requires minimalistic efforts and increases developer productivity.
  • Quick results: Ease of using AJAX functionality ensures faster results with optimum usage of codes. The results are yielded much faster compared to traditional Javascript frameworks. Codes are executed faster with greater efficiency due to low RAM consumption achieved by utilizing lightweight footprint
  • Compatible and modern: jQuery is highly compatible with different animation modes and several other latest CSS3 technologies. This helps developers with ample opportunities for developing applications with seamless integration of latest technologies

We are also React.js development company and if you are planning to hire Angular.js developer or React.js developer, you must contact us.

We are a stable, self-sufficient, and all time growing web and mobile app Development Company providing web application, mobile application, and software development as well as solutions. React.js is very rapid technology and It has a very big community. We own lots of ready-to-use validate components to combine together with rapidly prototype ideas. React is actually very simple and once you will start understanding its key concepts such as property and state, you will be all set to start building. What we love about React is its smaller pieces of code as its easier to test, it’s easier to maintain and are re-usable.

As a library, you can also use React as the view component of AngularJS or other frameworks, because it does not tie you to a specific technology stack. That said, there’s a quickly growing community and a number of existing libraries and add-ons that can help you build an app from scratch. Consider Flux, the application architecture Facebook uses to create an application powered by React.

Benefits of ReactJs

  • React.js is really efficient, as it creates its own virtual DOM by calculating the necessary changes in DM beforehand and then it updates the DOM tree, avoiding the expensive Dom operations.
  • It is amazingly awesome for the Search Engine Optimization. It stands out from the rest of the competitors, as it can run on the server.
  • It’s easy syntax makes the JavaScript writing easier than ever.
  • The official React.js Chrome extension makes the debugging process extremely easy.
  • The last but certainly not the least, the team behind Facebook is maintaining the project, what else do you need?

Bootstrap is a free set of tools for creating sites and web applications. It contains HTML and CSS-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and additional interface components. Bootstrap is most well known front-end system for creating responsive, versatile mobile and web applications.

Bootstrap – open source framework helps web designers to develop interface components easier. In general this is a responsive framework ideal for developing a websites compatible for wide range of mobile devices.

Benefits of Bootstrap

  • Simple standardization of HTML syntax
  • Design styles change much faster than the HTML
  • The Grid Speaks and JavaScript factors in Design
  • Save Time
  • Customizable
  • Consistency
  • Integration
  • Responsive framework makes it easy to build customized websites
  • Future Compatibility
  • Competitiveness
  • Bootstrap’s documentation is impressive.
  • Bootstrap being a responsive framework; it is ideal for developing websites that are compatible on wide range of mobile devices. With bootstrap web design, you can have a website that is compatible on PCs, Laptops, Tablets, and mobile phones. Bootstrap web design and bootstrap web development services are best suited for those who are looking for faster web development along with being compatible for range of mobile devices.

Star Systems are well versed in JavaScript, NodeJS coding and have about 7+ years of experience in the technological domain.

Software Development using Meteor.JS has come up with a fast ranging velocity to accelerate the applications development. It is an open source Javascript platform in order to develop web and mobile applications just too rapidly.

Meteor is great for Rapid Application Development. Creating real-time web applications is quite tricky work but Meteor JS has real-time built into its core. It allows to build and manage front- end, back -end and database with JavaScript. Our developers are properly trained and experienced to use all features of Meteor JS app development. Our Meteor JS developers ready to build your product Faster, with no Bugs, and Cross platform flexibility.

Meteor is software development at a whole new velocity. We believe it is a true game-changer.
Meteor is a modern, open source platform for building web and mobile apps in a fraction of the time. By using a single language (JavaScript) and combining all the necessary elements into a single codebase, Meteor allows us to build your product faster, with less bugs, and for more platforms.

Speed Because Meteor uses one language on the front end and back it end, it dramatically speeds development time and is great for rapid prototyping.

Cross Platform Flexibility Meteor now makes it possible to leverage one code base for desktop, iOS and Android applications, and the ability to update them all much more easily than ever before.